Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kindle How To: Lending

Kindle Lending is an amazing thing! You can share books with your other Kindle friends (apps included) and they can share with you! If you don't have any Kindle friends yet.. then look no further! I am one! :)  The lending process is pretty easy, but does require, wireless/3G turned on (enabled) and your email/friend's email.

For more in-depth information and important FAQ answers read this at Amazon.  It's very important to know the details of the loaning process(such as how long a book can be *checked out* to your friends/to you), so you and your friend can read happily. :)

Please note this is the instructions for the Kindle 3 and 2 only (Keyboard).
Lending a book to someone:
Step 1: Go to Amazon
Step 2: Go to 'Kindle' on the left side and select 'manage your Kindle'
Step 3: Locate the book you wish to loan
Step 4: On the right side of the screen there should be an 'action' bar with a down arrow; click the down arrow and select 'loan this title' (if 'loan this title' is not on the command list, this book is not able to be loaned out.. sorry)
Step 5: Fill in the information and click send; your book is now loaned.

Receiving a book loan:
Step 1: Log into the email you gave to your Kindle friend
Step 2: Inside your 'inbox' should be a loan request from your friend
Step 3: Open the email, and accept the loan
Step 4: Turn on your Kindle; Go to the home page and turn on your wireless or 3G (use the 'menu' do to so)
Step 5: The loan should automatically download onto your Kindle once the wireless/3G is on.
Step 6: Read your loaned book (don't forget to turn off your wireless or 3G to save battery life!)

Returning a loaned book:
Step 1: Remove the book from your Kindle (right click the item using the arrow pad, click remove/delete item)
Step 2: Go to Amazon ; Kindle - Manage Kindle
Step 3: Locate the book you have been loaned
Step 4: Using the drop down arrow on the right side of the screen, click 'return loan'
Step 5: A receipt of return will be sent to the email attached to the loan, as well as to your Kindle next time you turn on the wireless/3G

Voila! It's returned! No need to even leave your home to borrow books (although I highly encourage you to visit your public library still)!

Hope this helps! Have more questions about loaning? Go here or here. Happy Loaning! Have a book to recommend or want to *check-out* a book from me? Post a comment or contact me with *recommendation* or *Kindle Lending* as the subject.

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