Monday, February 13, 2012

What kind of posts do YOU want?

I've hit a point where I can't decide what type of posts I like to write the most... honestly I love to write ALL of them.  So... my dear readers... what do YOU want to read about?  Here are a few ideas, but feel free to suggest new ones!
  • Kindle How Tos - care, maintenance, "Dear HilyBee" type of thing where I'd answer your Kindle questions or help your fix problems
  • Ebook Site How Tos, Tips, Tricks, Help, What are my favs, etc. (using ebook sites that are not Amazon or B&N)
  • Sites to connect with other readers, authors, reviewers (like a Facebook but for book lovers)
  • Quick Tips - random
  • Twitter ebook finds - ebooks I find from authors on Twitter
  • Freebies of the week - ebooks I picked up that week or month for free
  • Deal alerts - a monthly "Hey! These are the ebook deals happening RIGHT NOW!"; similar to freebies of the week, but these will be discounted not free.
  • How Tos on various things such as choose your next book or finding new authors/genres..
Tell me in the comments, on Facebook, or tweet your me your thoughts! Happy Commenting!


MSBjaneB said...

I would love to see kindle offerings from Indie authors or free Kindle content. I have found some great reads that were indie published. I understand where publishing companies come from in a financial sense but I am so happy to see self published authors!

HilyBee said...

Have you checked out my Authors Not-So-Anon. posts? All of them are Indie or "new" authors. :) I'll definitely be posting more of the Indie freebies!