Monday, February 27, 2012

The Hunger Games Trilogy: Book Swag!

The Hunger Games movie is almost here!!!!  Anyone else super excited?  I'm crossing my fingers that the movie lives up to my expectations based on the books.  With the recent release of the movie, the merchandise has exploded!  There are so many options...which one to choose is the hardest part!

Here are a some of my favorites. Click on any of the names to be taken to the Esty shop for more info on the items.

I love this simple little necklace.  The silver parachutes were such a big deal, I was hoping to see more done with them.  I love that Peeta's pearl is on there. D'aawww!

The arrow is simply amazing!  It bends slightly around your wrist too!  Comfortable and cute!

FINALLY a good looking bracelet with this quote that I didn't have to custom order.  One of my favorite quotes from the trilogy.  Plus, the (faux?) leather straps look very Katniss-y.
Show your HG pride by adding an awesome looking decal.  I don't have a laptop...but I bet it would look nice on the side of my desktop! Right? Not really? (sigh)

Such a gorgeous shade of purple that shouts Effie!  LOVE it!  Who wants to dress up as Effie with me!?

How sweet! Any HG fan would love to get this card.  Even if you're not a HG fan, you could appreciate this card!
Do you see the fire AND the mockingjay?  So. Awesome!!  One of the most uniquely designed, and most fitting of the "Girl on Fire" title, that I've come across so far.

 I love how all of the characters names are on this shirt.  Instead of focusing on just the top 5 characters, this shirt really shows how all of them work together to form an amazing team.
A classic!
Instead of saying "Team Gale" I love how it just says "Gale."  Which team are you on?  I can't choose!

Want  more book swag? Click here for the holiday gift buying guide!  Happy Book Swag Day!


Hilda K said...

Oh, my favorite is the Valentine's Day Card! I'm Team Peeta forever (and Team Finnick :P), so the card just makes me go awwww. The rest of the stuffs are amazing too! Love the pearl-parachute necklace, and the shirts are definitely awesome! <3

Amazing post, HilyBee! I really enjoyed looking at the amazing Hunger Games swag! <3

HilyBee said...

Thank you! :)