Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Authors Not-So-Anonymous Week #7

Welcome everyone to the seventh Authors Not-So-Anonymous weekly meeting!! This weekly series is about authors from Twitter and Facebook!  This week, I would like to introduce JRD Skinner into Authors Not-So-Anonymous!

JRD Skinner is a Canadian author of - a speculative fiction website that bridges the gap between science and fantasy.  Three times a week JRD writes something new on his site.  They can be downloaded as podcasts or read on his site.  His stories that keep your mind going and begging for more.  "Flash Pulp is an experiment in broadcasting fresh pulp stories in the modern age – three to ten minutes of fiction brought to you Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings."  He is currently working on a novel that will be released within the next couple of months. 

He began writing when he was in third grade but, "the disease has grown especially serious in the last eight years." - JRD.  He writes his stories to make his children proud and loves to take care of animals.  How sweet!  His greatest inspirations are his family and simply listening to his surroundings. "My ear is always open, and my mind is always in research mode." - JRD

JRD's favorite authors include Graham Greene, Joseph Conrad, Robert E. Howard, J.R.R. Tolkien, Ambrose Bierce.  "Knowing that The Power and the Glory was penned by the same person who wrote The Ministry of Fear leaves me striving after my own betterment."

That Which Remains a Blackhall Tale Part 1
Go here to read all of part 1.
Go here to read all of part 2.

(Excerpt from
Thomas Blackhall had been working hard to avoid the puffy-faced private dogging his steps around the icicle-laden settlement of Perth. The frontiersman’s first tactic had been to simply leave with no indication as to his destination, and two-days hunting along a river sheltered by drooping pines had provided him with a formidable store of venison, but it was not enough to put off the messenger.

Upon returning to his rented room, he’d discovered the youth still lollygagging about the Bucking Pony’s main room, obviously in anticipation of his reappearance.

There had been a time, not distant, when Thomas would’ve gladly answer the summons, but his former comrade-in-arms, Captain Fitzhugh, had begged a favour too far, while offering little recompense.

JRD's shows can be downloaded from iTunes or read on his website - both are free!!

Find JRD Skinner on his site or on Twitter (@JRDSkinner) and let him know I sent you!

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