Friday, December 16, 2011

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Been so busy you didn't even realize what day it was huh?  Well.. here are a few ideas for those last minute gifts for people who love to read!
  • Gift Card - so easy right? Just get one for Amazon, B&N, Half Price Books or a local book store. Don't forget audio books too!
  • Book Marks - get one that is pretty to look at just in case they don't ever use it.  They could hang it up or set it on their desk or in a picture frame or inside a collage or in a scrap book!
  • Gag Gifts - don't be afraid to be silly! Get them a children's book or something cute that they might be like ...what?... Or you know.. crazy how-to books that could create a new inside joke!.. ha.  You know it'd be hilarious! Add an anonymous name to it if you're nervous.
  • Lit Wit - a trivia card set to *enhance* your reading, literature and book knowledge!
  • Book Page crafty items - these ornaments could be made so quickly or purchased and I love them! Go here for an entire list of thousands of items that could be replicated with old book pages or purchased! All of them are so unique and awesome!
 Even if you get a last minute gift, it doesn't have to be a generic one.  Get crafty! It's fun!  What do you do for last minute gifts? Happy Holidays!

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