Friday, December 23, 2011

How To: Use Twitter to Find New Books

With the awesome new friends I've found on Twitter... I've also found tons of new books to read!  Authors, bloggers, publishers, publicists, fans.... so many people use Twitter to promote their books.  I don't personally tweet that much, but it's really fun to follow and read any upcoming news for books, Kindle, ebooks, Amazon... ya' know?  Many of the authors will even chat back with you!  Makes me feel special... (grins)

These are the people/groups I follow that have introduced me to new books, products and news:
  • LazarusStrain - tweets for Ken McClure an author - mystery and thriller/suspense fans will love this!
  • MALeslie1 - a writing duo that tweets about their books and their lives (amazing people!)
  • LegacyUniverse - an author of the Legacy Universe novels who tweets about his books and more fun geeky stuff
  • BestEbooks1 - a website that tweets about popular ebooks; great deals on ebooks
  • ABestsellerBook - a group who only tweet about best selling ebooks and books; great reviews on ebooks...perfect place to start if you want to try a best seller
  • JasonJackMiller - author who tweets about his books
  • HeidiRubyMiller - author who tweets about her books
  • RedAdeptReviews - a blog and twitter account that reviews ebooks by Indie and Commercial authors; a great place to start if you want to check out new authors
  • amazondeals - Gold Box deals tweeted by Amazon
  • kindlenews - the unofficial tweets about updates and news for the Kindle; perfect for Kindle fans
  • PixelofInk - my favorite website to get free ebooks; tweets about the free and discounted, high customer reviewed ebooks
  • KindleToday - news and updates about Kindle
  • kindlefreebies - links to free ebooks, cheap accessories, and just Kindle bargains in general
  • amazonbooks - official twitter account for Amazon books and ebooks; links, information and updates for books and the release dates
  • Horror_Nerd - author and horror novels and movies enthusiast
Following all of these might seem ridiculous... but someone has to know what's going on... right? I'm not crazy! My mother had me tested! (Sheldon from Big Bang Theory).  Twitter accounts are free to use, and extremely easy.  If you decide to get one or have one already... add me!! I'm HilyBee on Twitter. Happy Tweeting!  Happy Holidays!!

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