Monday, December 19, 2011

New Favorite Book!

Over the past year (since I've owned DragonToo my Kindle) I've read over 150 novels and 50 short-stories.  But not all of them have been added onto my favorites, and never have I added one to my favs before I even finished it!  This book is absolutely amazing, beautifully written, outstanding, crafty, heart-warming, thrilling, incredible, passionate...  If you liked: My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult or any of her books and anything by Karen McQueen... then you must read this book. Right. Now! Or whenever you finish the book you might currently be reading.. heh.

What is this book I speak of?!  Is it driving you insane not knowing yet!?  You didn't peak did you!?!?

Drum roll please!

This is a phenomenal novel that touches your heart in unexpected ways.  Go here for a description!  I was lucky enough to pick up this novel when it was free too, although I'd definitely pay full price for it!!  I loved this ebook so much I'm considering learning sign language (at least the basics..).  How fun would that be!? Be able to have a conversation without everyone else knowing/hearing!? That'd be so much fun!! I remember when my two sisters and I were little and made up languages all the time.  Heh.  My younger sister and I still do that all the time!!  This book makes you wish you had a twin all over again (like when you were little and really wanted one!).  It is available for loaning through Kindle so please ask if you'd like to borrow it.  Happy Review Day!

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