Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review Day: Please Stop Laughing at Me

Today is review day!! And this week's book is (drum roll).....

Please Stop Laughing at Me by Jodee Blanco
Rating: 5 stars
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A memoir about a young woman who was bullied from a very young age all the way through until her senior graduation.  It's powerful, beautiful, angry, bitter, moving, disheartening, and extremely true.  Jodee went through serious physical abuse as well as outrageous mental abuse.  The novel keeps you interested because you want something to happen, someone to step in and help her, anything to make this poor young woman be happy and healthy.

The part I disliked the most was how every single one of the teachers, the Catholic nuns, the parents, neighbors, peers, principals... thought it was Jodee's fault.  Every time someone didn't believe her, help her, stick up for her, anything.... I just wanted to crawl inside the book and shake them.  Bullying is not okay.  A little teasing will happen, it's inevitable.  But there is a clear line between teasing and bullying... and the students in this novel were way past the teasing part.

Jodee Blanco now holds workshops, seminars, meetings, etc to shed light on bullying and how to stop it.  She has specific seminars for parents, ones for people being bullied, those who are the bullies, and even ones for schools/employers on how to recognize bullying.  She is such an inspiration for everyone, whether you were bullied or you are just simply trying to make a name for yourself.  I truly can't believe how much this woman has accomplished in her life, and how far she has come after the traumatic experiences she had.

This novel brought bullying to a whole new light for me.  I knew it was serious, but never did I think it was this bad.  I was appalled by the bullies actions and couldn't even imagine any of this going on... but then I thought about it.  I remember sticking up for people in school just like Jodee did.  I was teased, but never let it bother me and obviously pushed it out of my mind.

I normally don't go for memoirs.  I picked this one up as a free ebook (the deal lasted only 5 hours that day) and truly love it.  I even added it to my favorites!!

Happy Review Day!!


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