Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How To: Get the Most out of Your Gift Card

Since ebook gift cards make it much easier for friends, family, coworkers, etc. to get you a *gift* that keeps on giving... they are super popular.  But, like most things, they do eventually run out.  Here are a few tricks I've found that help me streeetttccchhh my cards out.

1. Budget Buying - instead of just buying the first book on your *wish* list... go through it and find as many ebooks as you can that are middle to low end prices (under $7) and buy those instead.

2. Buy only what you want right now.  If you found a book you just kinda like... but it's not under $7... then maybe you should pass on it for now.  Go for the ebooks you know you will read first.

3. Sales and Discounts and Coupons - double (or triple.. or quadruple?) up! *Try* to wait (super hard to do sometimes) for sale events or check out the discounted monthly deals or even the daily deals. Read the back of your card or details from e-gift cards to see if "valid with other offers" is or is not on there. Use coupons (search Google for some even) to help boost the discount.

4. Make two lists - one for the books you *must have* and one for the books that are just *eh... sounds good but...* Buy from the must haves list first!  Pair this with tip 2.

5. Bargain Hunt - Look around at other sites to find better deals! Shop 'til you drop....or until you get carpel-tunnel... heh. Shop the "after Christmas" sales!

6. Don't buy something just because you have a gift card. Wait to use the gift card, especially ones that do not expire, to get something you actually want.

7. Know the expiration date of your gift card. For in-store gift cards, use it within the year. Many online stores' gift cards never expire (Amazon and B&N for example) soooooo..... refer back to tip #6!

What do you do when you get a gift card to make it last?  Happy Holidays!!

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