Monday, December 12, 2011

Greatest Ornaments Ever!

I don't put up a Christmas tree at my apartment (yet) but... I love ornaments! Especially handmade ones or DIY style ornaments or clear glass ball ornaments with stuff inside. So many options!  Here are a few favorites of mine!  All of these can be found on! I linked them all, so please check out the sellers! All of the sellers have more than one style of book page ornaments too!

This flower is so awesome looking! I bet they are hard to make too.

This glass ball is so elegant!

I love that this one has a snowman inside it! And snowflakes on the outside! So cute!
By the same maker of the snowman, this one has a delicate little flower inside! I wonder how they get it in there and keep it so perfect looking?! Kind of like the ship-in-a-bottle thing I guess.

I love how curly the pages are in these.  They look incredible!

For all the comic book fans out there... this one is for you! So amazing!
I love the glass ornaments with book pages inside them! I think I'm going to make these! Anyone want one? haha. Make sure to stop by the Etsy sellers' shops! They have so many different ornaments!  The people who make them do such a great job! What are your favorite ornaments? Happy Holidays!


TinyDreamer said...

These ornaments are AMAZING! I would love, love, love to learn to make these.

A Beauty With Edge said...

Awesome blog, and super cute Ornaments! :)

HilyBee said...

Thank you ladies! Sidney - I know how to make the glass ball ornaments, but not the flower ones. :)