Friday, December 9, 2011

How To: eReader Accessories

eReader: Check!  Accessories: uh...uhm... hhm... ?  Don't know what to buy? Get an eReader as a gift for someone? Thennnn....  you need to go to the mall!! or just shop online like I do.. haha
  • Protection - buy a case or cover or roo or bag or slip cover or neoprene cover or small purse that closes or...... anything that will keep your case clean and dirt free!
  • Lights - something worth having but not 100% necessary. Pick one up that can easily fit inside your case so you don't have to worry about carrying it around separately.
  • Cleaning (dry)- pick up a microfiber cloth or small piece of 100% soft cotton fabric from the leftover fabric shards at a craft store.
  • Cleaning (wet)- pick up some glasses cleaning wipes or electronic wipes.. just never ever ever spray cleaner directly onto your screen.  The sprays don't always clean off well enough and can get inside your device.  BAD.
  • Screen Protection -  Great for those people who use touch screens or multiple users per device. Make sure to get ones that actually fit your screen size.  Don't be like me and try to cut your own.  It doesn't turn out well.
  • Decals or Skins - Do. Not. Buy. These. unless you are okay with never being able to take them off without leaving a slightly sticky or white film residue... eeeww.. But if you have your heart set on getting one (like I did before I realized they are just giant stickers that can't ever come off) make sure you get one that you will always love.. treat them like a tattoo. okie dokie?
  • Headphones - if you like to *read* audio books.. pick up a pair of tiny earbuds or headphones that can compact... they will save you the embarrassment of having the audio book read out-loud at a restaurant.. or while waiting at the Dr. office.. not like I did that or anything...heh.
Happy Accessorizing!

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