Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fire breath is a must!

So I've been toying with the idea for quite some time (cough a month cough) about actually creating a, uh, mascot for Novel d'Tales.  I considered several options...

an old book (way too obvious even if this is the most amazing old book picture ever)

a Dragon (less obvious, but I already named my Kindle Dragon/DragonToo)

a shadow girl reading a book (cute, girly, no.)

After agonizing over this for way too long...This conversation occurred between me and Zach.
Me - "ugh!! (forehead hits desk) I have NO idea what kind of image to use."
Zach -"Why not a bee? You know, like your name?"
You could have heard a pin drop at this point.  Even the fans in our PC towers went silent.
Me - ".....O.o why didn't you suggest that sooner?"
Zach - "I thought it was too obvious. (chuckling at my pathetic face)"
Me - "(squealing) That is PERFECT! do I turn myself into a bee?"

A few hours later....
The HilyBee was born!!
 The HilyBee is a bee that breaths fire, like a dragon.  He doesn't have a stinger so it can live forever and be a nice little honey bee.  The bee loves to read and will always be your friend, unless you try to squish him.

So my friends, what do you think?  I have a feeling the *HilyBee* will be showing up more often. ;) Happy HilyBee Day!


Jason said...

Me likey, HilyBee, Me Likey!!!! :)

HilyBee said...

Thank you Jason! :D