Friday, August 17, 2012

Hey There Delilah: Overheating Nook

Hey There Delilah is a mini-series where I help solve Kindle and Nook problems.  I get asked all the time "So...something isn't working right on my Kindle (or Nook) and I have no idea why.  I don't have a warranty anymore...PLEASE help!"

Before you decide you hate your Kindle or Nook, want to return it and get a new one...ask me!  I've had many freak outs when I thought something with my precious little device was wrong...but really it was something simple.  Here is a problem that I have been asked about, but that was something very serious.

Problem: My Nook is overheating, won't hold a charge and I can barely hold it because it gets so hot.   I charge it every day like I do my iPhone, but it doesn't seem to help.  Is there something I can do?

How to fix it: First - Overheating is very bad.  If your device is getting hot at any point in time, then you need to contact customer service right away.  (If you  have a warranty, this will be covered, if might be able to get it sent in for repairs at a cheaper price than buying a whole new device.)

Second - Don't charge your device every single day, only charge it as needed.  Charging your device every day will cause it to stop holding a charge, especially with Nooks.  If you have an older Nook with a detachable battery, you may want to purchase a new battery.

How to prevent it: To prevent overheating and battery issues - only charge your device when it needs to be charged.  Wait until it is almost dead (on the last 1/4 or less of a battery) to actually charge it.  This will help with overheating and charging.  If you charge your device too often, it can cause it to overheat from the device trying to draw in too much power (only older models will do this). 

Make sure you store your device out of direct sunlight or in a cool environment.  You don't want the protective coating on the wires to melt or for a short in the wires to occur because of the heat.  Never leave your device in the car in extreme heat or cold.

I always recommend buying the extended one or two year warranties.  They cover so many problems like these and will replace your device without a charge!  You never know when something like this could happen to you, so make sure you take care of your eReader properly.

Have a Kindle or Nook problem?  Ask me!  I love helping people figure out their Kindle or Nook issues.  *Please note, I can't solve all Kindle and Nook problems.  Some of them can't be fixed at home.*  Send me an email, tweet, message me on Facebook, or leave a comment and I will get back to you!  Happy Cooling and Charging!

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