Saturday, August 18, 2012

Birthday Bash Blog Tour!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY R.M. GILMORE!!!!!!!  Welcome everyone to the first stop in the Birthday Bash blog tour!!  R.M. Gilmore is celebrating her 29th birthday by having a huge birthday bash blog tour and giving back to all of her fans.  How sweet!  So, lets all wish her an even bigger *Happy Birthday!* and participate in the tour!
About R.M.:
Raised in Central California, bred from two very young parents, I have fought hard to get where I am today. Which isn’t saying much since I haven’t come very far. But, I do my best. I married my best friend October of 2011 and published my first novel in 2012, not too shabby I guess.

I started writing almost four years ago. Dylan Hart was my first character and I fell in love with her immediately. Since, I have created, and am currently working on, a number of different works. All varying from supernatural thrillers, to biblical apocalypse, to the life of a young punk just trying to drink, smoke, and survive. Short stories are regularly being pumped out as well. All are lying in wait for the perfect time to be unleashed.
Aside from writing, I also paint. In fact, painting was my first passion. I operate an online store where I sell my original artworks. Just as the characters I drudge up, all paintings I’ve finished have their own identity.  I definitely consider myself to be “unconventional”  (“conventionist.”) I also have an affinity for cult films. I love movies and could watch horror all day, everyday. My heart lies with vampires but I never turn away a good monster, slasher, ghost, or otherwise otherworldly plot. Thanks to my lovely husband I watch Trailer Park Boys nearly everyday. Along with, Roseanne, Ancient Aliens, Decoded, and SVU. Just to name a few.
My life revolves around humor. If I’m not laughing at something or someone then I must be dead. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen anytime soon.

For her birthday present to us... R.M. is having a massive giveaway during the tour.  Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter, and of course... "May the odds be ever in your favor!"

The Scene - Dylan Hart Odyssey of The Occult series (4.5 stars)
In the opening novel of R.M. Gilmore's 'Odyssey of the Occult' series, entitled "The Scene", we find Dylan Hart in her hometown of Hollywood, California. The bodies of seven exsanguinated prostitutes have been found from the Central Valley to Southern California. The media has dubbed them the "Vampire Massacres".
Dylan has decided to cash in on the tragedy and write a true crime novel. She begins her odyssey with research into the underground vampire lifestyle. All seemed to be going as planned, and as long as fiction can keep its ass away from fact, she should be alright.
But let's face it, someone is draining women of all their blood.  There is no way in hell it's going to end pretty.
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Becoming - Lynnie Russell Trilogy ( 4.8 stars)
Country girl paranormal novella from author R.M. Gilmore (author of the Dylan Hart Odyssey of The Occult series). A new twist on an old classic. Havana, Arkansas isn't exactly the picture of mystics and magic, but Lynnie Russell learns quickly you can't judge a book by it's cover. She discovers myths and legends are alive and well in her tiny little town and she is at the center of it.
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The next stop in the tour will be tomorrow (August 19th) at Bex' n' Books!  Make sure you stop over for another opportunitiy to enter the giveaway and more R.M. Gilmore Birthday Bash Blog Tour fun!  Stalk R.M. on her website, Facebook, Twitter (@RMGilmoreAuthor), GoodreadsShelfari, and Pinterest!  Don't forget to leave your birthday message for R.M. in the comments!  Happy Tour Day!


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Yay, thanks for hosting the gorgeously talented RM. Love your blog too :)

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Thank you Becky! :D