Monday, July 30, 2012

Review Day: Sign of the Times

It's Review Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *happy dance*

Title: Sign of the Times
Author: Susan Buchanan
Rating: 5 stars

(description from Amazon)
Twelve people. Twelve star signs.

Sagittarius - Holly, a travel writer, visits Tuscany to research her next book. Seeking help when her car breaks down, she gets more than assistance when Dario, a vineyard owner, puts temptation in her path. Disappearing without explanation, he proves elusive. Bruised, Holly tries to put it behind her until a chance encounter brings her feelings to the surface again.

Capricorn – Holly’s fiancĂ©, Tom misses her while she is in Italy and turns to an internet chat room for solace. His construction business is under threat, but could foul play be at work?

Gemini - Holly’s sister, Lucy, a serial man-eater finally meets her match, which puts her long-term relationship and career in jeopardy. Cheating she discovers, can have devastating consequences.

Libra - Holly’s uncle Jack, an eminent prosecutor, juggles a difficult teenage son with his high profile career and finds himself lacking. When his son’s school work starts slipping, he decides he needs to take control, but it’s not long before the balls all come tumbling down and Jack finds his family on the wrong side of the law.

One event binds them all… (end)

Susan Buchanan is a genius!  This novel was not only clever, witty and hilarious, but absolutely amazing!  I couldn't put it down!  The intricate characters and plot keep are absolutely stunning and perfectly executed.  Each of the twelve characters are developed in such a way that the reader knows each one by the end.  Normally I don't feel that a person is a certain *type* because of their *star sign*, but Susan wove the characteristics/beliefs into the story in a way that was very believable.

If you have read, heard of, or even watched the movie version of The Five People You Meet in Heaven, you must read this novel.  Susan shows you how one situation can bring twelve people together, who are only tied together by one single person - Holly.  I absolutely loved the main character, Holly, and many of the other characters.  It was a blast learning each character and trying to figure out how the story would tie together.  Susan - you have a huge success here!  Congrats!

Sign of the Times can be purchased on Amazon hereThis novel is one you should definitely read - everyone will love this novel!  I highly recommend this novel for both men and women above the age of 17 (some sexual/applied sexual content).  Follow Susan Buchanan on Twitter.  Happy Review Day!

Update: Susan just informed me there will be a sequel!!  The release date has not been set yet.

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