Saturday, July 7, 2012

Quick Tip: Hot Weather and eReaders

Today's Quick Tip is beating the heat with an eReader and taking it outside.  Never ever ever leave your Kindle, Nook, Sony eReader, iPad, etc. in the car, in direct sunlight, or in a place that is not easily temperature controlled.  The wires can melt, become brittle, break, short circuit...the screens can get warped...the outer case can become warped or will break easily.  To prevent your eReader from overheating, only charge it at home or in a temperature controlled room.  Wait to charge the device until the battery is almost completely worn out (similar to a cell-phone).  Never take your eReader with you if you plan to just leave it in your car all day.  Purchase a fitted case that is not too dark in color, such as red, blue, printed fabrics, light brown/tan, etc., to keep the device from attracting heat.  If you think your device is damaged because of heat, contact the company's customer service right away to see if your warranty is still valid.  If the warranty is no longer valid, they should be able to help you resolve basic problems over the phone, email or IMs.

If you decide to take your eReader to the beach, on a walk, or outside on a hot day... make sure you carry it in a purse or pocket.  If you take it to the beach, never set your device on the sand!  You'll never get all of the sand out or off, just like you getting wet sand off your skin.  I recommend taking a print book to the beach instead.  This way, if you damage the print book it is a little bit cheaper to replace, BUT if you insist on taking your eReader store it in a bag in the shade when not in use.  Happy Quick Tip(s) day!


C.J. Listro said...

Wow, I'm glad you posted this! I bring my Kindle around with me and sometimes it gets left in my car. I'll definitely have to stop doing that!


HilyBee said...

yay!! :D I'm glad I saved your Kindle from melting!