Friday, July 27, 2012

Teresa Morrow: 3 Lessons to Live a Happier Life

Today's guest is Teresa Morrow, author of Life Lessons from the HeartHere are Teresa's three lessons that will help us life a happier life.

3 Lessons To Live a Happier Life

Life can be tricky at times. Life can be amazing at times. When you are challenged with life how do you face it? Do you put your face in the sand and just wait for the uncomfortable part to be over or do you look for a different perspective on the situation?

Here are three things you can do when times get tough in life to become happier and see the inspiration in the moment.

1)Life is a journey, and a part of that journey is going outside the perimeter of the box and seeing if you agree with what is beyond or not.

Many times, we are taught to do/say/be a certain thing even if it doesn't make us happy. We may go along with it because we feel a sense of obligation to do so however, we are miserable. You do have a choice to change that thing you are feel so stuck in and go outside the box. You have the power within you to change your life. You can be in control of what you need to do in order to live your true life purpose. And when you do, you will find your life becomes much happier in ways you may not have even expected.

2)When we are spending energy trying to change someone else’s mind about something, we are taking the energy away from what we have in front of us.

Been there done this? We spend so much time with what other people think, what they are doing, what they should be doing, what they should think, we lose sight of our own happiness. If you are in a situation where you are fighting with someone who thinks differently than you do, it is important to realize you are using up your energy to change their mind. You have to allow the other person time to come to the decision to change their mind on their own. You can not make someone change their mind unless they wish to do so. You will be more productive spending that time concentrating on
what makes you happy instead of sucking up time worrying about changing the other person's mind.

3) When we strive so hard to control everything and/or everyone, we end up most of the time making more of a mess than there is initially.

We need to realize we don't have to know everything, everywhere, with everyone all times. It is almost in breed in us to have our lives under control. Under the stress of having it under control, we tend to create more of a mess than needed because we can't handle it. The good part about life is we are not meant to have it all under control all the time. We are human and it is okay not to have all the answers all the time. We aren't suppose to know what will happen next in every circumstance. Allow yourself to understand you don't have to know and do everything all the time. You aren't supposed to know everything and do everything. Accept and release control and you will be happier.

We tend to put undo pressure on ourselves to be something or someone we aren't even supposed to be in this world. We tend to want everyone to think as we do and when they don't we waste countless hours arguing to ourselves and others about changing that persons' mind. We tend to want to control everything in our lives only to realize we can't.  All these things bring on unnecessary stress and negativity in our life.  When we can allow ourselves to seek things outside the box, release control and not try to change someone's mind to our thinking, we can live much happier and fulfilled lives toward our true purpose.

This post came from topics found in Teresa Morrow's book, Life Lessons from the Heart.  You can purchase the book on Smashwords.

Teresa is also a book blogger,  click here to visit her website.  She is currently working on her first fiction book which is slated for release by the end of 2012.  Happy Guest Day!

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