Thursday, July 5, 2012

Authors Not-So-Anonymous Week #26

Welcome everyone to the twenty-sixth Authors Not-So-Anonymous weekly meeting!! This weekly series is about authors from Twitter and Facebook!  This week, I would like to introduce Monty Fowler into Authors Not-So-Anonymous!

Monty Fowler is an adult and YA author who began writing when he was a teen... "like many budding adolescent writers, I wrote short stories and poetry from the confines of a very limited teenage world view. As an adult, I got serious about writing last year when I informed my family at dinner one evening that I was going to write a full-length novel and self-publish.  My kids listened politely and patted me on the head like I had just announced I was going to build a rocket in the backyard and fly to the moon.  Twelve weeks later the book was completed, edited and published.  Boom!"  His writing inspiration comes from his author friend and casual mentor Michael R. Hicks.  Michael Hicks wrote the series In Her Name, which details how he went from a corporate desk jockey to a bestselling self-published author.

"I am a father of four amazing kids ages 25, 18, 17, and 14; a husband of 20 years blessed with a beautiful wife who supports all my nutty ideas (like writing a novel).  I am a follower of Christ and like to weave Christian themes into my writing.  My other artistic outlet and passion is digital photography.  My favorite subjects are strange beautiful things and decay.  I was born in Hawaii but grew up in the cloudiest city in America: Syracuse, New York. I love to travel and I'm a pretty darn good cook."

"My all-time favorite author is Arthur C. Clarke for his masterful storytelling and visionary glimpses of the future. I think Rendezvous With Rama is his greatest work, with The Fountains of Paradise a close second. On the fantasy side of the house Roger Zelazny's The Chronicles of Amber stand out as one of the greatest works of fiction ever. My other favorites are Frank Herbert, Orson Scott Card, and Douglas Adams." 

Monty is currently working on the second book in the The Watchers of Ur trilogy, titled The Watchers of Ur: Offspring.  The sequel is due out in September of 2012.  The third novel in the Watchers of Ur trilogy will be out in February of 2013.  He is also working on a supernatural thriller titled The Secret World of Mara Duffy, which is due out in the summer of 2013.

(description from Amazon)
From before the Dawn of Man, good and evil have battled on the Earth. As humans progressed from Eden to the skies and to space, Azrael watched over humanity — teaching, guiding, and protecting the Children of Earth.

The Enemy, imprisoned on Earth for their rebellion, carry out the Master’s plan to end their bondage and take the war to a new front — a pristine ‘cradle’ world where suffering and war are not known. Using the Emperor of Earth and the resources of his vast empire to build mankind’s first starship, the Enemy weaves a plot that spans generations, and threatens two sentient races.

In Book One, Azrael enlists Father Bo┼╝ydar Jofre, a Jesuit priest, and Kavan Ferre, a brilliant physicist, to prevent the Enemy from escaping to the stars. Joined by an unlikely group of space pirates, Azrael leads an epic race across the solar system to halt the Enemy before their great migration can begin.

THE WATCHERS OF UR: CRADLE will take you from Earth to Mars, Europa, Titan, and beyond on an epic journey filled with fast-paced action, gripping human drama, and stunning glimpses of the future of Mankind. (end)

Monty's novels can be found on Amazon, Apple iBookstore, and on his website here.  Follow Monty on Twitter or his website as well to know the latest release dates of all his book AND to know when his free ebook days are.  Have an author to nominate?  Send me a message via Twitter or leave a comment with the author(s) name and contact information.  I'd love to add new members!  Happy Reading!

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