Friday, June 1, 2012

Top 10 FAQs: Kindle and Nook

I get asked quite frequently a ton of questions, from normal to obscure, about Nook and Kindle.  I want to answer your questions the best I can so I read all the time about new technology, new devices, etc. are the top ten most asked questions for Kindle and Nook.

1.  I bought a Nook, and my friends thought I bought a Kindle so they got me an Amazon gift card (or bought me a Kindle ebook) can I still use it on my Nook?
  • For the average user, no.  If you are tech savvy, or feel very very comfortable with conversion software you can change any ebook from one type to another, BUT I do not recommend it if you are not familiar with the software already.  I also do not recommend hacking your device to get the Kindle or Nook app on there unless you are willing to void the warranty.
2.  I have a Kindle, and my friend has a Nook... can we share ebooks?
  • Yes and No. No - The devices require two different file formats for the ebooks and will not allow you to read the ebooks on either device.  BUT you can get the free app versions of either Nook or Kindle and borrow the ebooks that way, the apps just won't be on your spiffy little eReader.
3.  Are Kindle and Nook really that different?
  • Yes. In so many ways.
4.   Can I use a Nook case (or Kindle case) for me Kindle (or Nook)?
  • Yes, BUT they aren't the same shape or size so it will not completely fit.  I only recommend doing this if you are purchasing the sleeves/roos that you just slide the device into it and then take it out to read.  If you buy a fitted case, the device will not fit properly and can be damaged.
5.  Who really has a larger ebook library, Amazon or B&N?
  • Amazon. By over a million ebooks.
6.  Are the e-ink pearl screens actually anti-glare or is that just another marketing lie?  I have very sensitive eyes...Will it hurt my eyes?
  • They really are anti-glare!  These screens will not hurt your eyes or put strain on your eyes at all.  These screens are specifically designed to look like a book so you can read for hours without feeling any eye strain.
7.  These devices sound amazing, but don't you miss holding a *real* book?
  •  Not at all.  It's actually less comfortable to hold a print book.
8.   Ebooks are the same why should I pay for a device then pay for all the books when I could just buy the print versions for cheaper?
  • Ebooks, except some bestsellers, are cheaper than your average paper/hardback book.  The average ebook is $5, the average print book is $10+ brand new.  You can borrow ebooks just like you would a print book too!  If you read all the time, you know how heavy books can be.  The device never changes weight even when you add over 100 books to.  If you finish a book, you can start another one immediately without all that extra weight of carrying around more than one.
9.   I have a smart-phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, handheld gaming device, iPod/MP3 player, etc.  I like devices... Should I get an eReader too?
  • Not necessarily.  If you use your laptop, tablet, smart-phone or desktop all the time just get one of the free reading apps instead.  The apps have most (not all) of the benefits of an eReader without adding another expensive device to carry around.
10.   Which device is really better? Kindle or Nook?

These are just the top 10 FAQs...There are soooo many more!  Have a Kindle or Nook question?  Leave a comment, tweet me, or ask on Facebook!  Happy FAQ day!

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