Monday, June 18, 2012

Getting Crafty: Bookmarks

Book readers, this one is for you! (You know, the people who don't use eReaders.)

I've been extra crafty I thought I would share what I've been up to.  Below are three different bookmarks I have been LOVING for print books!

Do you remember the beaded animal craze in the 90s?  No? (I feel old) oh so clever little sister decided to take that concept and turn it into a bookmark.  She said - "If someone tries to remove my bookmark, the snake will bite them.  Plus it's creeping on everyone, so they won't touch my book in the first place."  I laughed so hard that I made two of them for myself.

Lil' sister's book snake
We used mini beads, a very thin string and large paperback books for measuring.  I made one orange with cream eyes (creeepppyyy) and the other light blue with light purple eyes.  Here is a basic tutorial, but obviously we used much smaller beads, oodles more, and no keychain ring.  This craft was fun, easy, and cost us less than $10.00 for a 4 pound bag of beads and 4 different huge balls of thread at Micheal's.

Book snakes lead into another bookmark craft...  The Book Thong (hehe).

Made by FaveCrafts
Click here for a full tutorial on how to do this exact one.  The beads are easy to find at craft stores.  Watch for clearance beads to bring the price down too!

Here's one that can be done at home using scrap paper, cards, cardstock, folders, glitter, mis-paired or odd ball buttons, googly eyes....all the crazy stuff that is always left over after a craft!  I did this craft after watching the video by EasyDIY on YouTube.  There are TONS of versions of this bookmark out there, so get creative!!  You can make this without the teeth and eyes for just a simple bookmark too.

Go check it out!  Jess did an outstanding job of showing you how to make them.

What kind of bookmarks do you prefer?  And please, don't tell me you like to "dog ear" the upper corners...  Anyways... If you make any of these bookmarks, please send me a picture!!  I'd love to see!  Happy Bookmark Day!

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