Monday, June 25, 2012

idream Invitation!!

I have a new site for you!!  I was recently contacted by the site administrators to be a book critic on a site called "idream - Book Critic Review".  This site is like, except with books.  Basically, critics (reviewers) read books, rate them, write a 150+ word review, the reviews are then compiled for each book and averaged.  A happy face cloud is given to books that idream recommends (high ratings), but a sad face cloud is given to books idream does not recommend (too low of ratings).
Overview of the book, the average score, and a little about the author.
Reviews can be rated on how good they are.
The site is an amazing and innovative way to see what books are worth your time.  Idream also hosts giveaways on their site.  The giveaways are amazing.  Some of my favorite novels are being given away too! Another amazing perk of the giveaways - anyone can start one.  Author friends...I'm talking to you!  That's exposure for your novels, for free!  The giveaways have best selling novels, Indies, most print but a couple ebook copies too! yay!  To enter, just sign up for the site and then click on "giveaways" and choose one that is current.  If it is not taking any more entries, the blue "enter me " button will not appear.

The site has an incredible list of genres.  You can look up almost every type of book, fiction and non-fiction, to see in-depth reviews and ratings.  I spent hours on here just searching the first few's addicting!!

You now have exclusive access to the beta version of the site.  The official site will not launch for a few more weeks, so this beta version is still being tweeked and perfected BUT it is pretty amazing already. 

To enter the site click here. The access code is discover_books.  Feel free to share this code.  This site is by invitation only!

I'm quite addicted to this site already, and judging by the shear number of people entering giveaways and reading the reviews...I have a feeling this is going to be a fast growing new site!  Happy idream day!


Kayla Curry said...

I chose you for the Liebster Blog Award, you can see to see why and to pass it along!

HilyBee said...

Thank you Kayla!!!! So sweet of you!! :D