Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gift Ideas for eReader Lover

Hey guys!  I decided I shouldn't leave out the eReader lovers out there (like me!) who love to get gifts for their eReaders.  Here are some fun, unique gifts that revolve around eReaders.  I'll let you know which gifts are best for which devices too, don't worry... I've got you covered.

Photo from Oberon Design
Gift: Unique eReader Cases
Devices: Kindle(s), Nook(s), Mini eReaders (small touch screens), Nexus 7, Siena Tablet, iPad(s)
Unique cases are always fun for eReaders.  The Oberon Design team knows their leather and always has something incredible.  I've been eyeing this dragon case for soooo long.  A little more expensive at $50+, but they are amazing covers!  They have tons on their website.  There are also a ton, of unique cases on
Photo from Borsa Bella Design Co.
Gift: eReader Travel Bag
Devices: eReaders that are less than 9.25" tall x 6.25" long x 1"wide in size (most eReaders)
Pictured above is an eReader travel bag made by Borsa Bella Design Co.  These bags are great for eReader lovers who take their eReader everywhere with them.  They are highly padded ensuring their device is protected, stylish (she offers tons of fabric choices and monograms), and safe for your device.  These are perfect for the on-the-move reader.  The strap is detachable too.  This type of bag is also handy for anyone who travels by airplane, car, train, etc. frequently as it will keep the device safest during travel.  Borsa Bella also has tons of other designs for eReader bags, not just travel bags, that are amazing!  My Mom has two now and loves them!

Photo from
Gift: eReader Stand
Devices: Kindle(s), Nook(s), iPad(s)
Pictured above is the iSound, an eReader stand that charges your device while you read!  How awesome is that!  So not only can you read hands free, but you can charge your device at the same time!  eReader stands are super handy to have around.  I love mine and have gotten so much use out of it.  The iSound also has two USB ports so you can charge two devices at once.  This stand is a great idea for those tablets such as the Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet (or the new HD eReader tablet hybrids) that suck the life out of batteries very quickly.
Photo from Facebook
Gift: New eBooks!
Devices: All of them - make sure to purchase them in the proper format or from the same people who made the device (Amazon - Kindle; B&N - Nook; Sony - Sony; iPad - iBooks)
Below are a few eBook recommendations by my fav Indie authors.  Click the name to be taken to a website for purchasing information.  Who knows, you just might be getting their next favorite ebook!  Consider their current favorites when picking out an ebook for them.  If you're unsure, pick out your favorite and send it to them.  Then you can tell them how much you love the book.

Speak Your Heart by Deanna M. Julbe
The Angel Chronicles (book 1) by Amy Lignor
Not Even There by J Scott Sharp
The Missing by M.A. Leslie
From Where I Stand by Robert Zimmermann

The Hand of God by Tim Miller
Not Even There by J Scott Sharp
Litchgates (Grimoire Trilogy Book 1) by S.M. Boyce
Tristen & the Magic Shop by M.A. Leslie
Crow Wing by Jesse Van DeWalker

With eReaders, there are some *unnecessary* accessories out there now.  Most are outdated or should be avoided because they can harm the device.  Avoid the following items...
  • Lights, unless you have an older generation eReader without a back light (like me)
  • Cases with an exposed magnet as the closing piece
  • Cases with plastic in-lays that can scrape, scratch or nick the plastic
  • Cases that are not intended for your device's size
  • Screen protectors not intended for your device screen size or type
  • Screen cleaner (wipes, cloths, sprays, etc.) not intended for your device screen type (read the bottle's label or ask me!)
  • Cases with microfiber inlays or inside (stains easily, animal fur sticks to it like crazy!)
If you are unsure of the exact device the person you are buying for has, either ask them (turn on your ninja skills), ask an in-store associate for help, or buy them a gift card.

Shopping for someone who loves books but doesn't have an eReader?  Check out my gift ideas for book lovers here!  Happy Shopping!

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