Monday, November 19, 2012

Gift Ideas for the Book Lover

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up this week, two of the biggest shopping days of the year, I thought I would give everyone some fun ideas for the book lover on their list - friends, co-workers, family, neighbors...whether you want to buy or DIY, I've got you covered. (I couldn't resist. heh.)

Best for: Anyone!
You can never go wrong with more books.  People who love books, always want more!  Try to find out their favorite author(s) or genre(s) and purchase something a little more thoughtful.  If you're unsure, the current top ten bestsellers are always a great way to go - whether they are ebook or print books you are sure to please your book lover.  If all else fails, a gift card to their fav book store will always be a good idea.

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Best for: Family, friends or close neighbors and co-workers
For those who love the scent of paperback books, but have an ereader, get them a bottle of "Paperback" - the paperback book scented perfume!  A hilarious, fun, and unique gift that will make your book lover smile.  Demeter Fragrance created this scent, and I'm quite tempted to see how it really smells - the reviews say it is similar to a real print book.  heh.  "I love that perfume you're wearing...what is it called?" "Paperback, as in paperback book."

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Best for: Anyone!
For those book lovers who love their scarves, and almost all of us women do, how about a book print scarf!  This one has text from Jane Eyre, but Storiarts also has two others.  These are very unique scarves that very very few people will have,'s so cute and fun and book-nerd-y (yes I just made that word up).  Definitely a great gift idea for any book lover.
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Best for: The print book lover; Anyone!
This is a gift that is easily customized.  For only $20, you get a set of photo book ends that are actually usable (I checked) and are neutral.  You could even add some extra crafty pieces to the edges of it to make it super unique.  These bookends can be picked up from Target stores or online.

Pick out a couple pictures to slip into the book ends...
  • family and friends - pictures of you and the person you are giving the gift to OR include a "take a picture with me at any time" homemade voucher
  • co-workers and neighbors - pictures of their favorite things (books, book quotes, music lyrics, animals, flowers, etc.) OR include a gift card for photo prints
Noisy Nora was my absolute fav as a child.
Best for: Family and close friends
Find out your book lovers childhood favorite book, then purchase them a copy of the book, whether it is the newest version or an older copy that looks the exact same.  Your book lover will never forget this gift, and will cherish it always.  Plus, if they have children they can read their fav book to them!

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Best for: Print book readers; Anyone!
DIY bookmarks are always a great idea for the holiday season.  Instead of spending oodles of money on something, make your gift instead!  There are so many gorgeous and super easy bookmark tutorials out there.  Here is a blog called Good Life Books that highlights 8 cute DIY bookmark ideas - from the super super simple, even a kindergartner could make it, to the must use a sewing machine, the blog highlights all ranges of DIY.  The best part is, you can make a bunch of these in multiple colors, styles and patterns to fit the type of person you're giving them to!

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How many people are going out this week to brave the crowds on Black Friday OR how many of you also have to work that day ( me)?  Let me know in the comments what unique gift ideas you have for book lovers!  Happy Shopping!


S. M. Boyce said...

These are so great! Cute ideas.

HilyBee said...

Thanks! :D

Stephanie Lennox said...

OMG I love the scarf so much. That is my present to myself this year. Thanks for sharing! :)

HilyBee said...

Isn't it adorable! So glad you love it too! :D