Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DIY....with book pages!

Decorating for the holidays can be expensive.  Especially if you don't save the decorations year to year, but there is a simple solution!  Turn your old books into decorations!  I'm in love with these gorgeous decorations all handmade from book pages.  I think my apartment is about to get a makeover and my torn book pages are about to get put to good use! yay!

Book Page Trees
They vary from simple Evergreens to "Christmas-y" but each one is amazing.   A little glue, a little paint, some DIY time and book pages and you have a beautiful table topper!  Tutorials for each of these types of trees can be found on Google.

Made by Anthology on Main

Made by Anthology on Main
Made by Anthology on Main
This one doesn't even look like book pages, but it is!

Book Page Ornmanets
These elegant ornaments can be hung on trees, hung on the mantel, given as gifts, or simply sat around your house with other decorations.  They are very easy to re-create, and super in-expensive!  They would also be fun to make with children!
Image from Pinterest
This first design will be an easy decoupage ornament - cut out strips of pages, glue them to inexpensive ornaments (pick up some from the dollar store), add some glitter and a "Noel" tag...tada! You're done!

Picture and Tutorial from Michael's
Picture and Tutorial from Michael's
Picture and Tutorial from Michael's
Photo and Tutorial Scrapbooks.etc
Book Page Garland
Garland can be used year-round, but is most festive this time of year.  Decorate your home with some homemade book page garland.  You can customize it with glitter, pearl strands, paint, different shaped cutouts, and so much more.  It's probably the easiest to create, the most fun, and definitely the most unique.

Photo from Art, Craft and DIY with Leah
Instead of the little swirl center, try a gem, pearl or star.  String a bunch of these lovely little flowers together on a ribbon and you will have a very unique and eye-catching of strand garland.

Photo by and made by  One Girl in Pink
Made by Jane of All Crafts
Made by Town and Country Living
How do you decorate for the holidays?  If you decide to create any book-page projects, send me a picture! I would love to see!  Happy DIY!


Deanna Julbe said...

Thanks for all your posts! Keep up the good work Hil!,,,

C.J. said...

LOVE. I am making the ornaments as soon as I get home! I've made book page roses before (which look awesome) but for some reason ornaments never occurred to me. Such great ideas!

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