Friday, November 23, 2012

Quick Tip: Surviving Black Friday!

Today, is the craziest of shopping days ever.... it's Black Friday.  Black Friday is the shopping day in the US (do they have it in other countries?) on November 23 each year where the most ridiculous of sales occur.  You can potentially save hundreds of dollars or more depending on how, when and where you shop.  If you're going out shopping, I hope you have a wonderful time (although I doubt you're reading this)!  Try not to get into a fight or get trampled.  If you're not into the whole "Black Friday" shopping thing, shop online!  Some stores are offering Black Friday deals online.  Here are some amazing book deals from Amazon and Barnes & Noble for both Kindle and print books that are worth it!

So...stay home! Relax! Get some holiday shopping done from the comfort of your home and have fun!  Let me know what good stuff you find.  Happy Shopping!

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