Monday, October 15, 2012

Review Day: Worlds Collider (A Shared-World Anthology)

It's Review Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Title: Worlds Collider: A Shared-World Anthology

Author: Jonathan GreenKelly HaleJames Moran, Aaron RosenbergRichard Wright, Jonathan TemplarSimon Kurt UnsworthTrent ZelaznySteven SavileRichard Salter
My Rating: 5 stars (I wish I could give it more!)

~Anthology means a collection of stories put together in one book, typically written by multiple people.  This collection was written by multiple authors, edited by Richard Salter, and share one world.  I decided to rate this book as a whole, not as individual stories.  If you would like to see individual reviews as well, let me know.~

Book Blurb...
The Collision is the worst disaster in human history. So far…

In the near future, an experiment at the Large Hadron Collider causes an enormous explosion, known as the Collision. The blast flattens a huge chunk of central Europe and punches a massive hole in the Earth’s surface. Over the next decade, unspeakable horrors pour from the rift: vicious creatures with a taste for human flesh, a terrible scream that drives all who hear it insane, a phantom entity that feeds on fear and paranoia, and a nightmare train from the pits of hell, to name but a few. This onslaught of terror causes the collapse of civilization and threatens to wipe humanity from the planet.

World’s Collider is a unique concept in short fiction, where all eighteen original stories are part of a common narrative, recounting the disaster and its aftermath. A true novel by many voices, including Steven Savile, James Moran, Aaron Rosenberg, Trent Zelazny, Jonathan Green, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Kelly Hale, Richard Wright and a host of new talent.

Fifty million people died in the Collision. They were the lucky ones…

My Review...
Absolutely phenomenal.  I couldn't stop reading this anthology!  The group of authors created the best anthology I have ever read.  Each chapter is one or part 2, etc. of a story for a small number of characters.  The characters and stories flow so effortless it doesn't even feel as if this is multiple authors.  Some novels written by just one author don't flow this much!  I was impressed by how the individual stories came together to form a cohesive world.  I will be thinking about these stories for the rest of the week.

The stories are all centered around the major event that occurred, their perspective of life right now, and how they are trying to get back to normal.  There are also mini-events that occur because of the hole that was created, such as monsters arising and rumors of "zombies".

Basically with all the different crazy stories going on you have a question mark and "What's going to happen next!?" stuck in your mind the entire time.  I absolutely loved it!  I can't say too much without spoiling the fun.  Just go read this one for yourselves.  I bet you will love it just as much as I do!  (I'm not the only one who loved it.  I've talked with others who love it too!)  This anthology is definitely going on my list of recommendations, favorites and re-reads.

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Purchase your own copy of World Collider: A Shared-World Anthology on Amazon.  Follow Richard Salter on his website here.  Happy Review Day!


Official Blog of Tim Miller said...

Great review Hilary! I will have to check this out!

Rob Zimmermann said...

Wow, this definitely sounds like a great read. From the description alone I threw it on my list of books to get. Then after reading your review and how easily it worked together made me want it more. As you said, not many collections from ONE author flow well. If this one is as great as you say it is (and I don't doubt that it is) I'm going to enjoy it as well :)

HilyBee said...

Thanks guys! :D It's definitely an amazing book. You're going to love it Rob!