Friday, October 12, 2012

Kickstart this! (ended)

Hey everyone!  I have something new for you today.  Please, watch the video first...then I'll explain.

The author and friend of mine talking to you in the video is the talented Scott Roche.  What he's doing is working with several authors (listed below) to put together a western themed anthology.  What's an anthology you ask?  An anthology is a collection of works, typically with a common theme, compiled by one person.

"The short stories in this anthology will have all of the action and adventure that you’d expect from a Sunday matinee shoot’em up with a dash of philosophy and tension as ancient codes deal with an increasingly modern world.  In addition to my own story, this anthology will contain works by some of my favorite authors. Jake Bible, the mind behind Dead Mech and The Americans Justin Macumber, author of the military sci fi novel HaywireZach Ricks, editor of Flagship magazine and author of his own Weird Western series,Jared Axelrod, creator of the rich world behind Fables of the Flying City and Doc Coleman podcaster and author of the steampunk series Crackle and Bang." - Scott Roche

Scott and the other authors are trying raise $5,000 to help bring this project to life.  They are using a website called Kickstarter.  A site that helps you gain awareness for your projects and *Kickstart* them.  The website is a great way to spread the word around, but the authors are not at their goal just yet!  If you would like to help turn their dream into a reality - click here to read more.  The minimum donation is $1.00 U.S.  They are just under $1,500 currently, and I would love to help get this project going.  The pledge ends on November 2, 2012.

Please share the word about this project for Scott, for all the authors involved and for the love of westerns.  I'm asking you to share this post and information so the word gets around.  I am sharing this information to help my friend, but I would love for this project to blow up!  If you have any questions, please direct them to Scott Roche on the website here.  Happy Kickstarting!

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