Monday, October 1, 2012

War Stories

Welcome to the War Stories blog tour!  Today's post highlights War Stories, the author and another giveaway!

We all carry our own battle scars.

This is the premise of War Stories, a rich collection of short fiction that draws upon both the literal and figurative meaning of its title.  Through a diverse array of characters, settings, and circumstances, War Stories delivers a series of powerful tales from the home front of war: the stories of parents, siblings, and spouses of those who have fought, as well as those who have returned from battle.

Set against the backdrop of contemporary conflicts, War Stories’ compelling nine narratives tell of a wounded veteran who seeks renewal through an imagined relationship with a neighborhood girl, a grieving father who finds peace and reconciliation at the site of a disastrous bus crash, a young woman who searches for identity and meaning in the wake of her husband’s injury, and an urban teenager engaged in a fateful standoff with local recruiters.  Interspersed with these tales are powerful, non-traditional “war stories” – of youth, unexpected loss, and heartbreaking love.

War Stories’ thoughtful and beautifully crafted tales, which range in style from deceptively simple to rich and complex, tell of people young and old, male and female, who share two things: humanity and resilience.  These diverse and deftly written stories are joined through Elisabeth Doyle’s remarkable style and ease in creating a universe full of despair, hope, and dreams.  At turns tender and harsh, tragic and yearning, these stories will leave you wanting more.

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About the author, Elisabeth Doyle

Elisabeth Doyle is a writer and attorney living in Washington, D.C. She studied fiction writing at Sarah Lawrence College and the University at Albany, and is completing a Masters of Laws Degree at Georgetown University Law Center.  Ms. Doyle’s short fiction was published in the literary journal Nadir and was awarded the University at Albany’s Lovenheim Prize for best short fiction.  Her first short film, Hard Hearted One, was admitted into the Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema and the Street Films Film Festival, and was shown on Public Television and Manhattan Cable.  War Stories is her first collection of short fiction.

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Rob Zimmermann said...

A quote from my favorite novel? Hmm, I don't normally pull quotes but I think I can come up with one :)

"We do things we're not proud of, things we wish we could take back, but what's done is done and all you can do is try to redeem yourself in the present." - The Grimoire: Lichgates, by S.M. Boyce

As for "War Stories," it sounds like a great collection of stories. Thanks for sharing with us :D

Tribute Books said...

Hilary, thanks for giving your fabulous followers a chance to win a copy of Elisabeth's collection of short stories :)

HilyBee said...

Thank you Nicole for letting me host her collection! :)

Rob - As the TwitterHangman God, I thought you'd love to quote. ;)