Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Hive Five - Book Nerd Style!

Here are five book-ish and nerd-y things I have been loving lately.

Newspaper/Book Print Nails!
What's better than supporting your fav author than wearing their book on your nails?  I love this idea, and think I'll recreate it this weekend.  I might use a different color background  This is a really super easy nail design to re-create.  If you're interested, just go to YouTube and look up "newspaper nails".  There are tons of tutorial videos.

River Song's Journal Kindle Case!
I love Doctor Who (the new version), so when I saw this Kindle case I was so excited!  River Song is a big character in the latest Doctor Who for those who don't watch the show.  She goes on tons of adventures with the Doctor and writes it all down in a Tardis shaped, Tardis blue journal.  This Kindle case is the spitting image of the real journal and made my little geeky heart so happy.  It's such a cool case I didn't even think it was a case at first!  They are sold on Etsy for $45.00 (a little expensive, but so worth it).
Outside of the journal case - how awesome is that!?
Inside of the journal case.

Edgar Allen Poe booksi Charging Dock for iPhone and iPod!

I love my iPod and love E.A.P. (if you haven't noticed).  I found these really cool *booksi* charging docks on Etsy   They are charging docks nestled into books!  There are tons of different books you can choose from, but I love EAP and the colors of this book.  They cost about $55.00, super super expensive for a custom charging dock. But so preeettttyyyy...

"I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie" Poster!
You know you sang that title...and liked it.  Admit it.  ;)  I had to include this one because I would need this in my *dream library* some day.  Absolutely hilarious and perfect!  A large sized print of this costs $15.00 from Onered and you get to choose the colors.

Origami Book Print Earrings!
Need I say more?  There earrings, made of book print (or "I love you" script paper) and it's origami and they are cute little cranes!  I love these earrings.  And now I'm addicted to origami word print earrings.  These more-than-adorable earrings are only $15.00 from Beadiologist, a shop on Etsy.  Not too bad for a teeny tiny pair of handmade origami earrings!

What are your favs this week?  Let me know in the comments, on Facebook, or Tweet Me using the #HiveFive.  Happy Hive Five!


Official Blog of Tim Miller said...

all that stuff looks pretty cool. I have not come across anything nearly as cool on my own however.

HilyBee said...

I search for a certain type of thing, like "book earrings" or "book art" and even more awesome stuff comes up. :D