Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sneaky Mom!

So my amazing and sneaky Mom decided to enter my (very old) poem into a contest - Poetry Nation's contest.  This contest is for anyone whether you're an amateur like me or a real poet, you can submit an entry.  Well guys, my lovely little poem/story is now a SEMI-FINALIST in the contest!  I never thought it would even get that far.  When my Mom called and shyly told me she entered me into a national contest for poems, just for fun, I laughed and said I doubt anything will happen.  About 60-70% of poems make it into the semi-finals, so I can't get too excited yet.  I'm part of a huge percentage right now.  I should find out in a few weeks if anything else comes of it.  BUT I do get a pretty certificate for even making it this far. :)

I've never really said more than one sentence about my poetry.  Confession time:  The poem that has been submitted is already published.  In high school (when I wrote the poem), it was an assignment that I was determined to finish and not hate.  After I wrote the poem, my teacher submitted it for a contest - and I won.  It was published in a book full of poems written by high school and middle school students.  Crazy right?  I felt a little special.

So now that it is in this contest, I guess I'll have to get a copy again to share with everyone.  Once I get it, I'll share it. :)  The only copy I've kept over the years is at my parent's house in a pretty frame.  We'll see if they let me have a copy.  heh.  Happy Writing!

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