Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Introducing Brandon Luffman Author of Frostwalker

Brandon Luffman  resides in North Carolina with his wife and his three children.

He began writing in 6th grade. “ During high school, I began to consider writing as a career, but upon graduation that fell by the wayside. I played around with writing off and on over the years, doing NaNoWriMo and such, as well as an abortive attempt to write a novel in my mid-twenties. But it’s only been in the past few years that I’ve finally jumped into writing as a serious pursuit and managed to make it stick.”

He is a writer. Works part-time as a janitor for a local dialysis center and runs a online retail business selling tabletop gaming supplies. He is a self-published author. Brandon says, I had originally thought to go through the classic process of trying to find an agent and then seeking a traditional publisher. However, as I learned more about self-publishing, I constantly found myself asking WHY anyone would go through all that when self-publishing offers the author so much. There ARE some good reasons to seek traditional publishing, but those reasons didn’t really work for me personally, so I’ve gone the indie route.”

“ I generally think of myself as a “horror author”. My writing is primarily intended for an adult audience, although I don’t overdo violence or gore unless it serves the story – which it sometimes does. So, my writing is often graphic, but not gratuitously so. In the case of Frostwalker, there’s plenty of violence and gore, because that’s what the story calls for, but those aspects aren’t the important part of a horror story.”

Brandon’s favorite authors right now are Dean Koontz and Stephen King, but is influenced by them and others, “ I think writers take inspiration from everything and everyone. We’re the ones who see something perfectly mundane and then ask ourselves “What if?”. That’s how we take the boring world that we live in and make fantastic stories from it. But, a few specific individuals who have helped spur my love of storytelling are Dean Koontz, Stephen King, and Tad Williams, among many others. Koontz and King are probably my favorite authors right now. I’m also a fan of many others, of course. As for favorite novels, some of my favorites are King’s Dark Tower series, the Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher, the Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn trilogy from Tad Williams, the Lost Fleet books from Jack Campbell, David Weber’s Honor Harrington books… Too many to list!

Brandon claims to not be a very interesting person. “One reason writers write is because reality is so mundane and boring sometimes. As we grow older, we begin to realize that everyone, from the guy who bags our groceries to the most famous of celebrities, everyone is just a person. There are interesting people out there, of course, but I think my work is more noteworthy than I am myself. That’s part of why I write it! But, a little about me for those who are curious: I’m a geek, a fan of science (especially physics and astronomy), computer programming, video games, tabletop gaming (roleplaying and wargaming). I’m into all sorts of music, but consider myself a metalhead – especially fond of thrash and speed metal from the 80’s, preferably the stuff with a melody to it like older Megadeth.”

Frostwalker is his newest novel. “My latest release is my first novel-length work, entitled Frostwalker, and it is a survival horror story. Set in a small town in rural northwestern North Carolina, Frostwalker is a bit of a zombie tale, although the creatures in the story aren’t your traditional zombies – nor are they the biggest threat. At its heart, the book is the story of a young man and his friends finding themselves in the middle of a horrific situation and struggling to step up to the challenges they face.”

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