Monday, June 3, 2013

New Series Alert! Vibe by Kayla Curry

Hi all! My name is J. Scott Sharp and I am the minion can call me mini-Bee! Muhahahahahaha! But before I get drunk with power, I just wanted to thank Hilybee for the opportunity to guest post on her blog for a while. She's a busy little Bee currently and I am going to help her keep the hive in order...the best I can! :) Thanks again Hilybee!

I wanted to introduce you all to a new series that I am really getting into called Vibe. Kind of science fiction, dystopian, crime...all in one of course, I think it rocks! :)

                                                         Welcome to the World of "Vibe"
Welcome to a world where emotions have become weapons, currency and livelihood. Welcome to Vibe City.
Greys feed on apathy. The only problem with that is they sometimes soak up so much apathy, they experience the emotion so strongly that they can't make themselves do anything. Even feeding becomes a chore that may or may not get done. Everyone knows you can't feed on your own emotion. So if you're isolated enough, you could end up drained.
Prism is a detective with problems of her own. She's been off the job for a while, but now she's back and working with a transfer named Atramen on the case of the drained grey. Being a color wheel has its advantages and disadvantages. The power to make anyone feel any emotion you want them to is a pro, but being bombarded 24/7 with the emotions of others is most definitely a con. Can Prism and Atramen find the killer and overcome the obstacles associated with a new partnership? 

Adult-content rating: This book contains content considered unsuitable for young readers 17 and under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages.

Kayla Curry is a stay-at-home mom. She says, " I started writing seriously in high school. The classroom I spent most of my time in was the school newspaper room. I went to that class every day since the beginning of my sophomore year and loved every minute of it. After I graduated I continued to write short stories in my free time and I eventually worked up to writing a full length novel. I still love to write short stories when I'm not working on my Mystic Stones Series. My husband is the one who makes it all possible by bringing in about 98% of the household income. I hope to one day be the 98 percenter through my writing, so that he can do something he wants to do."

I just picked this short story up and already it is great! I hope to give you a review of it in the next couple of days! In the meantime, you can pick it up on Amazon

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