Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review Day: Dianna's Way!

It's Review Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Title: Dianna's Way
Author: John Catenacci
My Rating: 5 stars

Book Blurb:
A love story. A spiritual journey. The pilgrimage of a remarkable woman's irrepressible love of life and a man and woman's enduring love.
Dianna, in her late 20's, marries John, a man in his late 40's. Discovering she has an aggressive breast cancer, they embark on 17 year odyssey into the nature of love and healing. While fulfilling her life purpose she helps John fulfill his own.
Descending into the deepest valleys of disappointment, pain and despair they rise to ever higher peaks of appreciation, gratitude and love. Modeling a way of living beyond the usual drama sourced in shame, guilt, regret and fear, they explore what daily practices create a life that works, meets life's challenges, actualizes our relationships and lifts us to our own highest potential.
Sprinkled with laughter and marinated in Dianna's gentleness of spirit, she shows us how an ordinary human being can choose to live an extraordinary life.

My Review:
This beautiful story about two people and the life they share together will fill your heart with love, joy, happiness and sadness all at the same time.  John wrote this story with such love and warmth that I was absolutely enchanted while reading their story.  I began reading this two days ago, and finished it this morning.  The story will capture your heart and not let go until the very last word.

This novel is actually about John, his wife Dianna and their life together.  Each chapter John tells a story about a point in their life.  The stories continue to combine into one amazing and fulfilling life story.  I can see this novel impacting the lives of many people.  It has a few sad sections that just make your heart sink into your stomach and ache.  I feel like I knew the family in the story - Dianna, John, their dogs, their friends and family, etc.  Such a wonderful book - just read it and you too will see why I'm raving about this touching novel.

Purchase your own copy of Dianna's Way on Amazon in paperback.  Happy Review Day!

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