Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kindle How To: Reading eBooks without an eReader

Hey guys!  Almost every single day someone asks me "How do I read an eBook without and eReader?" or they say "I can't read eBooks, I don't have a Kindle."  Well dear friends, I'm here to tell you that if you have a smartphone, desktop computer, laptop or tablet... then you CAN read eBooks without an eReader!  AND you still get about 70% of the benefits of an eReader, for free.

Step 1: Get the device(s) you wish to read on.
Step 2: Go to; create a log-in or if you already have one, sign in.
Step 3: On the left side of the page, go to "Shop by Department"
Step 4: Then go down to "Kindle"; Click on "Free Kindle Reading Apps"
Step 5: Click on the device that you have from the list
Step 6: Follow the download for the Free Kindle Reading App
Step 7: Purchase/download eBooks onto your free Kindle and enjoy!

It's that simple!  Less than 10 steps and you have a Kindle for free!  Now, you aren't getting all the perks of an actual Kindle device, but hey, it's free!  Once you have gotten your free app, download some free eBooks from Free Book Dude or Pixel of Ink to start your library.  Both sites feature free eBooks daily and only the best of the freebies that day.  I suggest downloading all free eBooks that are remotely interesting to you.  You never know if or when that eBook will be free again, so take advantage while you can.

If you want to purchase some eBooks, try out the Kindle Singles or the Indie eBooks page.  The Indies are the best!!  I love Indie authors plus their books are wayyyy more affordable.  There are tons of deals on Amazon for eBooks.  You just have to make a wishlist and buy them as you want them.

With your new app you get the price of an eBook (cheaper than paperback/hardback) without having to leave your home to get it.  So convenient and easy it amazes me more people don't know about the free Kindle apps.

Have a question about the apps?  Click here for FAQs, troubleshooting or more information.  Happy Reading!!

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