Monday, May 14, 2012

Speak Your Heart Giveaway (closed)

This giveaway has ended!!

Congratulations Anubha!! You are the winner!!

 I told you there would be another giveaway. aha!
What am I giving away you ask?  Well..... 
a print copy of Speak Your Heart signed and personally hugged by miss Deanna Julbe!!

Original poems comprise the heart of Speak Your Heart. This wonderful compilation includes poetry both happy and sad, but nonetheless, all the poems are inspiring. Deanna M. Julbe speaks from her heart and hopes others will also be so inspired. She includes poems from her teen years, love poems and inspirational poems to name a few. "I hope they inspire you to speak your heart." She adds, "Poetry is raw emotion, words that you may never say out loud or share." Be thankful she has chosen to share and advises everyone to Speak Your Heart.

Enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter form below.

Speak Your Heart can be purchased from Barnes&Noble here or Amazon here.  Happy Giveaway Day!!


Rob Zimmermann said...

I'll enter any giveaway that has poetry. It's hard to come across them. It sounds like a great collection and I'd love to check it out :D

zimmermannrobertj (at) gmail (dot) com

Deanna M Julbe-Author/Poet said...

Thanks for hosting my book I'm very excited to see who wins! I'll have a special message for them!! Good Luck everyone! :-)

Anubha said...

Poetry... :)
I started loving poems when I was in 8th Grade and even tried to write three poems in my 12th grade... It'll be awesome to have a book only with poems... :D


HilyBee said...

Good Luck Rob and Anubha! :D

It's my pleasure Deanna!