Monday, May 21, 2012

A reference desk and a little tiny dachshund

I've been using my spare time to read my latest addiction - a comic featuring a reference desk librarian named Dewey (heh) and the many adventures of working at the library. (Thank you Rob for starting this addiction!)  You can imagine how hilarious these are if you have ever gone into a library, spent any sort of time around people who think they are smart, OR have worked in customer service...ever.

This comic is written by Gene Ambaum and Bill Barnes.

And the sad thing is...many of these interactions are similar to what actually happens at the libraries I have worked in.  (sigh) Good and bad.  Rest assured my friends, we do not treat our patrons like THIS (psstt...look down)

 Although we might want to sometimes

Whoever told this guy it was a good idea to go looking for a significant other in a library should have their head checked... Although you'd be surprised how many people actually do this. (sigh)

There are 10 years worth of these lovely little comic strips!! 10 YEARS!!! Now, promise yourself you won't procrastinate too much reading them and head over to the site to read more.  Happy Library Day!

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Jason said...

Hilarious! ROFL!