Friday, July 12, 2013

Review Day: Hello Hot Lunch, Hello Cool Lunch!

It's Review Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Title: Hello Hot Lunch, Hello Cool Lunch
Author: Lisa LeConte
Rating: 3 stars

Book Blurb:
Hello Hot Lunch, Hello Cool Lunch is now serving 2 books in one. One side is full of fun and ├╝ber cute hot lunch ideas, tips, and recipes. The flip side serves up fun cold lunch ideas with more tips and recipes. Your family and friends will crown you Royal Lady of Lunches after enjoying your new-found creative foodie genius!

My Review:
A fun, creative way to make lunch - especially for the picky eaters out there!  This is a great little book for babysitters, parents and beginning food artists.  Anyone, yes I mean even the worst of cooks, will be able to use this handy little book to make something cute and appetizing at the same time.  The book is choked full of pictures of the recipes, stencils, ideas and lists to help get the most out of it.  These recipes are great for parties or treats for your kids on special occasions.

The only down side - the recipes are bland.  They are definitely meant for children or people who don't like sauces, spices, strong seasoning, etc.  I was going to make several of the recipes myself, until I read them.  Many of the recipes call for a vegetable, cheese or fruit, some type of noodle for hot, bread or salad for cold and maybe a meat (hot dogs, lunch meat...).  These aren't exactly the types of meals that sound that great to me.  The recipes are very simple, easy and quick - very handy when taking care of children.  Keep in mind, you may want to use the recipes as more of a snack or side than a full lunch.  They are not very well rounded and may not fill you up depending on how much you eat.  Also, plan on spending a bit of time "sculpting" the dish if you want it to be cute.

Pick up a copy of Hello Hot Lunch, Hello Cool Lunch on Amazon!  Happy Review Day!

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