Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hive Five: Valentine's Day!

This week I've found the top five gifts for book lovers on Valentine's Day!  These gifts can be given to your best friend, neighbor, significant other or just someone you know.  Enjoy!

Romance Ebooks on Kindle
Now, don't think romance is always the erotic kind just because it is Valentine's day.  There is a genre for any book reader on this page!  Amazon offers a very wide variety of top picks in romance for Kindle starting at just $2.99.  Check it out here.

Book Page Heart Paper Chain
These DIY gift ideas are super cute and can easily decorate someone's desk, room, cubicle, etc.  The paper chain can easily be made by following the directions found here, just substitute book pages for the construction paper.  I love making these chains.  Plus, all they require are some staples, scissors, paper and you!  Super simple!

Book Quote Cards
For a card, be creative!  A great one is to make a card shape out of a piece of solid colored construction paper or cardstock, then cover the entire outside with quotes from either your fav books, the person's fav books or both.  You can hand write them, print it on there, or cut and paste.  Then, add a little ribbon to the outside from the left edge going to the right edge.  Fold it in half again, then write a special message on the inside.  Give the card to the person and voila!  Instant and special card.  I can guarantee it will be unique!

Book Gift Basket

Instead of sending a bouquet of flowers, send a book-lovers gift basket!  The baskets vary in price and can include following items:  a novel that you choose, tea, music, a silk rose, tea cakes, fuzzy slipper socks, pewter bookmark, clip-on booklight, extra novels, and sachet of rosebuds.  Everything a girl needs to relax and escape into a good book on Valentine's day!  Visit La Vie en Rose to see more details.

Chocolate Books
Doesn't that sound so awesome!? Chocolate. Books.  Not a book about chocolate.  A book made out of chocolate!!  BridgeBrands Chocolate offers several 'volumes' you can order starting at just $1.50 and up to $20 for a box set!  These sets are so cute any book lover and choco-holic will love them!

The holiday is just around the corner, so whether you are ordering or DIY-ing...I hope you have a wonderful time!  Happy Reading!

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