Sunday, April 14, 2013

Review Day: Trouble Triangle

It's Review Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Title: Trouble Triangle
Author: Travis Casey
My Rating: 3 stars

**Warning: This book is not suitable for readers under the age of 18!**

Book Blurb:
Tyler Chambers finds that his luck has run out…almost. After several brushes with the law, he avoids jail by enlisting in the Navy and gets himself stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Such is his good fortune.

Tyler is ecstatic when he lands a date with Holly, the best looking girl on the base, but things sour quickly when he discovers how controlling and annoying she is. As he is about to dump her, a revelation from his past comes back to haunt him, and Holly is the only person who can save his Navy career and keep him out of prison. But what does she want in return?

He should be grateful, but is besotted with another girl. Debbie Meyers is sexually confused and has her own ideas for Tyler. She beds him easily enough, and uses him in a vendetta against Holly. Tyler finds himself in a TROUBLE TRIANGLE when both women want him for their own needs.
A story of lust, love and blackmail. But who's doing what to whom?

My Review:
A story of lust indeed!  Trouble Triangle is the perfect example of lust, a "love triangle" and blackmail - all while juggling extensive Navy careers.  The crazy triangle kept me on my toes, trying to figure out how each character will end up.  The characters were quite funny and interesting - although I found myself hating Holly and overall disliking Debbie more and more.  BUT, it was a great set of characters and worked perfectly.  

Travis took a subject we all have heard about and turned it into the "worst" possible scenario.  And it was entertaining and frustrating to read about.  The plot, story, characters were all incredible - but the situation became so mangled I lost track after a while.  I'm very happy that Travis included "reminders" about what was going on every so often by having the situations explained to Tyler's roommate.  Definitely helped!

Give it a read if you like twisted love stories that are a little unconventional.  Happy Reading!


Travis Casey said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my work and comment on it. I really do appreciate it.

Travis Casey said...
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Chantel Rhondeau said...

Glad I saw this review! Trouble Triangle is such a great book. I wasn't too sure about Tyler in the beginning, but he grew on me, all while keeping me laughing! I agree that it is not suitable for younger people. The humor is so great, but definitely for an older crowd. I LOVED this book! Can't wait for the next one in the series!

HilyBee said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it too Chantel! :D

It was my pleasure Travis. So glad you found my site!