Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Awards!

I was nominated by the lovely and wonderful SM Boyce! See her post here. I love this idea goes!

Here's the plan....
  • Add the award image to your blog
  • Write down seven random facts about you
  • Nominate 15 bloggers and let them know! (the best part!!)
Hm... Seven random facts about me
I have more stuffed animals than the average 5 year old girl.

My favorite colors are orange and dark red. Especially together!
My sister took the picture.

<---- I have a healthy *obsession* with elephants. They're just so cute!!  This particular elephant is Shenga from the CM Zoo.

When I was in middle school, my parents let me design my own bedroom. I painted the walls bright yellow and the floor has (light...ish..) orange fuzzy carpet. And I Love It.

I can quote every single episode of The Big Bang Theory. Not that I'm a fan or anything.

I wrote a poem once that won an award, was published and made into a book along with 10 other young writer's poems.  If you guess the topic correctly, I'll give you a cookie!

Bluebells are my favorite flower.  My younger sister took the picture shown here for me.  She did an outstanding job!----->

My Nominees
(Please note these are not in any particular order.)
  1. Joan Reeves aka SlingWords (book revies, tips for authors and bloggers) written by Joan Reeves
  2. Kindle Taproom (Kindle fun, reviews, movie/film references, random fun blogging) written by Joe Menta
  3. EPBOT (geeky goodness, craftings, steampunk, food, cute cuddly animals, being a strong person) written by Jen from CakeWrecks
  4. Love Stories (Scottish Blog) - Cyndi Tefft
  5. M.A. Leslie (ebooks, writing tips, writing, life) written by Mike and Amy Leslie
  6. My Miscellaneous Adventures (random; movies, TV shows) written by Sidney
  7. Ricky's New Book (short stories, ebook previews, ebook, unedited chapters from upcoming ebook) written by Ricky
  8. The Bestseller Books Reviews Blog Magazine (book reviews for any type of person) written by KindleSpot
  9. Thoughts from a Yodeling Goatherder (stories from Locey's farm and family, books reviews, upcoming novel updates)  written by V.L. Locey
  10. The Page Turner (reviews, giveaways) written by Lace 
  11. TheVEROblog (beauty, couponing, free samples) written by theVEROblog
  12. The Queen of Teen Fiction (YA fiction, reviews, author interviews) written by KaiteBookQueen
  13. My Crazy Obsessions (beauty, coupons, reviews) written by alliebabii
  14. Becky's Book Blog (new blog, books) written by Becky
  15. Bloody Bookaholic (book reviews, book into movie updates/reviews) written by Taschima Cullen
Check out all of these amazing people and their blogs!! Each one is unique and offers something different.  I highly recommend all of them! Happy Versatile Blogger Awards Day!!


Gus said...

Your poem was about elephants! Do I win a cookie?

*awaits anxiously for results*

HilyBee said...

Not elephants! :D Try again! hehe

Gus said...

Alright...your poem was 100% utterly and totally about...BLUEBELLS!

HilyBee said...

DING DING DING!!!! You are the winner of a (virtual) cookie! I'll send it to you on Twitter! :D